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What is BHP?

BHP stands for Brake Horsepower (BHP). BHP is the measure of a car engine’s total power output and its performance. A cars BHP is measured by calculating the torque it produces multiplied by the engine speed.

What is the difference between torque and BHP?

Both torque and BHP are indicators of a cars performance. Torque is a measure of the highest power output that the car can achieve when it is doing its hardest work. Whereas BHP is an overall measure of the car’s power across all driving conditions.

What is the difference between HP and BHP?

People will often use horsepower (HP) and BHP interchangeably when talking about cars. But there is a slight difference. While HP measures the power generated by the engine, BHP measures how much of the power produced by the engine is sent to the wheels which makes the car accelerate.

Origins of BHP

BHP was a measure first used during the industrial revolution in the 18th century. At this time steam powered engines replaced animals for carrying out industrial activities. The first steam powered engines were given BHP ratings based on the number of horses they were able to replace to produce the same amount of output.

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