Site Map

Below is a list of the pages on our website (in alphabetical order):

  1. About Our Checks - Here you will be able to find out where we get our data from and how we use it.
  2. About Us - This will give you a bit of background about our company and our philosophy.
  3. Accessibility - This page outlines how this website can be accessed by a variety of technologies users.
  4. Affiliates - Want to make money by selling vehicle history checks? Find out how here.
  5. Car Buying Advice - This page explains the steps you should take when buying a used car.
  6. Car Crime Map - Find out about car crime in your area by seeing it on a map.
  7. Cookie Policy - This is our policy on the use of cookies on our website.
  8. Customer Support - Discover our support contact details and opening times.
  9. Glossary - A list of the commonly used motoring terms used in our vehicle reports and on our website.
  10. Home - Our home page, and where you can enter your vehicle registration to get a Total Car Check.
  11. Login - Log in to your account to access your saved checks and vouchers.
  12. Prices - An overview of the products we offer and their prices, with a comparison chart.
  13. Privacy Policy - This is our policy on aspects of this website that affect our users, such as use of data.
  14. Register - Create an account with us to access a range of benefits, including more free check data.
  15. Sample Report - A look at an example report that you'll get when you purchase a Total Car Check.
  16. Terms and Conditions - The terms and conditions when using our website and services.
  17. What is a Total Car Check? - An outline of what a Total Car Check is and what it includes.