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What is a number plate check?

Our number plate check will tell you if a vehicle has had any plate changes as well as providing lots of other information about its specification and past.

How do I run a number plate check?

Enter a registration number above and receive the most comprehensive free history check report available in the UK. Then upgrade to our Silver or Gold check to obtain the vehicle’s plate change history and other crucial information.

Why is a number plate check important?

A number plate check is important for assessing the following:

  • Vehicle registration - a plate has to be registered on a car with the DVLA for it to be legally driven on the UK’s roads.
  • Legitimacy - establish if the car has been marked as stolen, written off or scrapped and to check its VIN matches the number plate.
  • Plate history - to ensure that any plate changes correspond with the seller’s paperwork.
  • MOT history - understanding all the vehicle’s past MOTs and to establish any mechanical issues.
  • Mileage - for checking if there have been any mileage reductions and discrepancies.

How do number plate changes work?

Most standard registration plates can be replaced with a private number plate, also known as a personalised or cherished plate. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) sells private registration numbers and manages and certifies plate changes. Car sellers want to keep their private plates, therefore they assign the original standard plate back to the vehicle. It’s important this process is complete by the time the sale happens otherwise the buyer may not be able to drive the vehicle on the road.

How do I buy a private number plate?

You will need to buy the right to use a private plate on the DVLA’s personalised registrations website. Once purchased you will receive a V750 or V778 entitlement form confirming your right to use the registration number. Complete the details and return to the DVLA to assign the plate to your vehicle.

Assigning a private number plate online

It’s quicker and easier to assign a private plate using the DVLA’s online service once you have received a V750 or V778. You can then have a number plate made up and fitted to the vehicle, taking the old plates off.

Holding the plate on retention

Your right to a private registration number doesn't need to be assigned to any vehicle. This is what's known as holding the plate 'on retention'. You need take no further action once you receive a V750 or V778.

If I buy a private plate how long can I keep it for?

You can keep using a private number plate so long as you renew your right to do so every 10 years.

How much does it cost to make a number plate change?

It costs £80 to take a number plate off a vehicle in order to carry out the plate change process.

How long does a number plate change take?

It can take up to 5-6 weeks, but the process is usually quicker when using the DVLA’s online services.

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What do we check?

50+ checks are performed including:

  • Stolen check (Police & insurance)
  • Written off vehicle check
  • Outstanding Finance check
  • MOT history records
  • All plate changes
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