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  1. 1. Introduction

This is our cookies policy which sets out what cookies are used when you use our website.

Use of our website is also subject to our website terms of use: https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/TermsOfUse and privacy policy: https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/PrivacyPolicy

  1. 2. Who We Are

https://totalcarcheck.co.uk is operated by Total Car Check Ltd a UK Limited company registered in England under company number 07043189

Some important details about us:

Our registered office is at: International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, England, EC1A 2BN

Our email address is: enquiries@totalcarcheck.co.uk

  1. 3. How we use Cookies

We use cookies to recognise you and your preferences, improve our site's performance and collect analytical information for ourselves and our business partners. We do not track individual users or use cookies to identify individuals. Without the knowledge gained we would not be able to provide the service we do.

  1. 4. 'Session' and 'Persistent' Cookies

'Session cookies' allow us to track your actions during a single browsing session, but they do not remain on your device afterwards.

'Persistent cookies' remain on your device between sessions. We use them to authenticate you and to remember your preferences. We can also use them to balance the load on our servers and improve your experience on our site.

Session and persistent cookies can be either first or third party cookies. A first-party cookie is set by the website being visited; a third-party cookie is set by a different website. Both types of cookie may be used by us or our business partners.

Third Party Cookies we use include:

CloudFlare Firewall Cookies (Session Cookie) (Strictly Necessary) - These cookies, set from time to time, help us secure our website from unauthorised use and help us prevent payment fraud. Find our more here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/fundamentals/get-started/cloudflare-cookies

Cookies set by Company:

Total Car Check Authentication Cookie (Persistent Cookie) (Strictly Necessary) - This cookie allows us to maintain information about login in users on each visit to the website and enable core site functionality. For example, this ensures that you can access reports you have previously purchased when you are logged in. This cookie expires after 365 days.

Total Car Check Anti-Forgery Cookie  (Session Cookie) (Strictly Necessary) – This cookie helps prevent our website from being used in cross-site request forgery attacks (XSRF/CSRF). It helps prevent our website from malicious web attacks and is a security feature.

Total Car Check Recent Checks LocalStorage  (LocalStorage) (Strictly Necessary) We use a technology (called localStorage, similar to a cookie) that remembers the last three vehicle registrations you have historically input into the site for a vehicle check to help you conveniently recall vehicles you have searched for recently, this acts like a shopping basket to help you progress to the payment page easily.

  1. 5. Disclaimer

All our cookies are categorised by the role they fulfil on our website:

  1. Strictly Necessary: these are essential to enable you to move around our website and use features such as secure services. Without these cookies such services could not be provided;
  2. Functionality: allow the website to remember your choices and to personal certain features. These cookies may be anonymised and cannot track your browsing activity on other websites; and
  3. Performance: collect information as to how users use the website. These cookies don't collect information that identifies a visitor. The information collected is aggregated and used to improve our website.
  4. None of the cookies employed are for the purposes of, and we do not undertake any behavioural or targeted advertising.

If at any time you wish to disable our cookies, you may do so through the settings on your browser. However, if you choose to disable or delete our cookies that will prevent certain important areas and features of our service from functioning properly. (but if you do so you will not be able to use certain important features of our service). You can find additional information at AboutCookies.org.

  1. 6. English Law

This policy, and any non-contractual obligations arising out of it, will be interpreted in accordance with English law. Any disputes may only be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales.


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