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What is a Salvage Check?

If a vehicle has been damaged it may find it's way to a salvage auction. Generally this is because an insurance company has written the vehicle off and is seeking to sell the vehicle on, having paid the owner of the insurance policy for the vehicle. Some vehicles will not be able to be returned to the road as the damage is too severe and they are not roadworthy, in these cases the vehicles are often sold to be broken up for parts.

What will a Salvage Check tell me?

It will reveal if a vehicle has been found at a salvage auction along with some useful information such as: Date of salvage auction, category of write off, vehicle VIN details (so you can cross-reference and confirm it is the same vehicle). In many cases we will be able to link to images of the vehicle at the auction, which is useful to be able to assess the level of damage.

Why is a Salvage Check important?

If a vehicle has not been accurately recorded in the industry standard MIAFTR database, the salvage check may be able to reveal if a vehicle has been significantly damaged. It may also be able to give you further insight into the level of damage and repair performed when you view the images of the salvaged vehicle.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any questions on salvage vehicles, contact us by emailing

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